Wednesday, July 02, 2008


OK, so here's my first post from abroad!

My arrival date and time in Athens' center! And it's pretty hot!

I only came here because that's where flights come into. So I arrived in the afternoon and spent the evening wandering around Plaka, old town. The next morning I woke up bright and early to beat the crowds and heat to make my way to the obligatory Acropolis. I must admit. It is pretty impressive.

Me in front of the parthenon at the Acropolis.

The theatre at the acropolis. I do love my shows!

The view of the city and a temple. Athens is pretty sprawling.

Winding my way up to the Acropolis in the morning. I could see it from afar, but couldn't find out how to actually get there! But I did see some nice neighborhoods and parents walking their kids to school.
The view of hte Acropolis from below in the Old City.

Of course one of the joys of traveling is trying th local food. I've had more gyros than I could ever imagine. This was my favorite - the pork one at Sabbas in Athens for 1.7 euros.

Pork gyros: the classic fast food here and normaly about 2 euros.

Greek salad. I always miss my veggies abroad. This was quite delicious and I took a leisurely hour lunch to break from the heat and ppl watch, one of my favorite pasttimes.

OK, so Athens itself is nothing too impressive. After the one night and day, I was on my way for the real reason why I came to Greece...


anna said...

Angela!!! This is heaven!! You brought me back, to my youth, when I went a few times with my friends to Greece. It's exactly the way I remember. When you come back you HAVE to see a famous italian movie, which won the Oscar for the best foreign movie years ago (you were a little baby). It's called "Mediterraneo".

And now ROME!!!!

anna said...

From Yana:
Pitcures are great!! Enjoy yourself. Have fun in Italy!!

Yana and Rudy (and the big-fat Astro)