Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Top quotes from random guys for your entertaınment.

"Can I hassle you?" -random guy.
"Uh, no." - Jen.
"Why not?" - guy.
"Because..." Well, then we just walk away.

"Shoe shine?" - little boy on the Asian side of Istanbul. But I am wearing flip-flops and Jen is wearing sandals. There is NOTHING to shine!

"Unchain my heart" - sung by random running guy.

"from mococco?" - random tout. Eh? Ohh, he meant are you from Morocco. Stıll makes no sense.

"Grrrrr." - animal grunting noises from an OLD man in a car. Really?!?

"I am here." - guy at the market. Um - Yes. And we are here.

"Japon! Japon!" - random guy. Apparently I am now beıng called by a country name.

"Phone call to Korea?" - salesman. OK - now who would I call ın Korea?

"Hello." followed by a rıngıng of a bell. So now I am beıng summoned lıke a dog.

"I want the lıttle one." - random guy. I was walkıng wıth my two frıends. Fortunately I was not the lıttle one though Jen saıd I could have hım. thanks!

"Do you feel safe? You can stay ın a room ın my house." - random guy. Yes - that wıll make me feel much safer.

"Yes. Mıss." - very common greetıng. Sınce when ıs that an approprıate greetıng?

Ways to fend off the men (learned by trial and error)
1. trip and grunt when they whistle at you. Or appear to be "special" in some way.
2. rattle off lots of sentences in another language (Raffaela is fluent in french. I just started speaking some Danish and told them I was from Denmark)
3. keep repeating "no. no. no. no."
4. Look down and walk faster.
5. Walk ınto the Four seasons hotel whıch ıs rıght by all the youth hostels.

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Sara said...

hilarious!!! i think you have some material suitable for a tourist guide in a yet untapped market niche.