Thursday, July 24, 2008


Island hopping, again. It's a tough life.

After Italy, Joy, Otto and I met up on the east coast of Italy to cross the adriatic sea to Croatia. We took a 13 hour ferry ride and treated ourselves to a private cabin. As Joy stated, we are old. We were impressed with the tiny room with sink and no window, though it was difficult ot find in the labrynith of the ship.

The view from the ferry in the morning - sailing into the Croatian island of Hvar.

We were awoken harsly at 6 am when we docked in Croatia by passport control. Our first note that we had left friendly Italy and entered Eastern European territory.

The harbor on Hvar.

Now this island we heard was nice. What we did not know was that is was mega-yaht docking. It's the place for Europeans to see and be seen, and also heavly visited by Swedes. Who knew?! But it has the most sun of all the Croatian island, perhaps a little too much. But we couldn't complain.

Joy and I walking around a smaller island, Spikanska. We hopped to two smaller islands each day to explore.

We went swimming a lot to cool off from the heat, but as you can see, the beaches are rocky! We had many ferocious encounters with the ocean. First, Joy got stung by a jellyfish in Italy, then Otto got cut by barnacles. And in Croatia, I got jabbed by a sea urchin! Ouch for all of us, but Ottos was by far the worst. Oh for the rocky beaches!

Otto and Joy getting ready to eat the delicous meal that they cooked. We had a nice apt with kitchen and balcony overlooking the ocean so we cooked a few nights.

View from the fortress

Here I am on top of the fortress of Hvar. You can see the little perfectly shaped islands in the background. Those are the islands that we went hopping through. Old town is on the left. It was fun to just meander. But also notice the boats. Despite the gliterrazi we will enjoyed our stay!


caroline said...

Wow, you are spending lots of time by the water, eh? Gorgeous!!

anna said...

Angelaaaa!!!! Where are you?????