Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Coming up ... Morocco and some old and new Europe.

It feels weird posting this 2 weeks in advance, and not T+20 min after I'm suppose to leave for the airport. What is going on?! Well, for starters, I am NOT teaching this summer! I really had to restrain myself. There were a few excellent opportunities that tempted me, but for my sanity, I had to pass. Now, this also meant that I wanted to go crazy and travel everywhere and for a LONG time, but again, my friends had to tell me "NO." I am forcing myself to have downtime in New York. What?! Yes, I, who have never stayed still in NYC, am attempting a staycation. No more leaving the second I am done with something, or taking red eye flights right into work. Again, trying to regain sanity. I'll let you know how that goes. This means I have a few weeks of downtime before heading out. As usual, I bought my plane tickets 3 weeks before departure. I have an arrival and departure city, and nothing finalized for in between. Not satisfied with the usual Europe, I am finagling at least a week in Morocco. Sometimes I get these ideas about where I want to travel and am really stubborn about it!

The rough plan is to fly into Copenhagen where Sharlene and I will have our 10 (!!!) year reunion. Then go to London where Shar is currently working and to Morocco which will be partly solo and partly with Shar. Then end with Ireland to meet up with Shinae. Why Ireland? Yes, it seems a bit odd for me, and frankly was not on my list of places, but apparently all (cheap) flights point to Dublin. So, travels are almost as predicted from summer 2009. Instead of a second trip to Argentina, I will dutifully and gladly visit California. See, I AM trying to slow down. So, there we have it. Summer 2010!

Stay tuned...