Sunday, July 21, 2013

One wild night in Amsterdam!

My last visit to Amsterdam in 2000 was a bit underwhelming. Not sure if it was the 30 dorm bed in the red light district or the lack of drinking, but this time around I fixed both of those issues. I thought I'd give it another chance. When I saw a cheap flight from Africa back to the states with a night layover in Amsterdam, I jumped on it. So here goes less than 24 hours in this city. 5 pm to 9 am.

Once we got into town I realized I was in western civilization! Wow. I always have reverse culture shock.

 Loved the bikes and graffiti all over town 

 When in Amsterdam ....
I promised Elaine I'd stop my drinking ban and raise a glass with her. We just meandered around town with no goals except to drink, eat and explore.

 Canals and house boats.
We actually stayed on a cute houseboat.

 So true and it still hits me!
Anyone else feel it?

 Our crazy night in Amsterdam in the red light district!

We did Amsterdam properly, and now I can close that door. No need to return. We hopped on our direct flight back to LA. Made it back for the 4th. Yay USA? Not so sure. I always wish I could travel longer and am in no rush to return to the motherland. But what I did enjoy was a nice long warm shower. I'm pretty sure I used more water in my first (15 min) shower back than I did in my entire month in Africa. Oh the luxury.

Then I went back to crazy work and traveling per usual. 4 days after touching ground in LA I took off to the east coast for a workshop. Then the rest of the summer I proceeded to go the the bay area twice, Vegas and NYC while also working non-stop prepping and teaching. And then the fall semester began. What a summer! Until the next travels...

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