Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Europe Trip That Never Was in 2000

If you asked me what my next travel adventures were for this winter I probably would have said Patagonia, India or Middle East. Instead, I'm taking an unexpected Europe trip. Tickets purchased my usual 3 weeks before departure date. I promised Elaine that if she took a job in London, I'd help her move out or visit. Elaine took the job, so I'm going to London. But why not Edinburgh also? I also promised Sharlene that I'd travel with her for a week in January too.

My itinerary:
Jan 2 - 6 Scotland (Edinburgh/Highlands) - solo
Jan 6 - 12 London and around - hanging with Elaine and exploring solo
Jan 13 - 20 Portugal (Lisbon) / Spain (Andalucia) - with Sharlene

When I left Europe in 2000, I thought my next trip back would be these 4 countries + Morocco. I roamed Morocco in 2010 and have been back to Europe several times, but now I realize here's finally the rest of my dream trip ... 13 years later!

As I was packing, I noticed it was weird that I was foregoing my usual bug-off shirt, zip-off pants, fleece, hiking boots, chacos, sleep sheet, travel towel. What?! Is this a civilized city trip? Yes, indeed. Sadly, I'm also packing my computer and will have internet access probably daily (can't completely go off the grid from work for this long). Sigh, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

Most importantly, I'm ditching my LA life temporarily. I need a break from work and normal everyday routine. Oh yeah, and I'm writing this in Brooklyn at the moment because why not a 2-day layover to say hello to some good friends on NYE? It's on the way over, afterall.

From NYC, off to Europe I go on January 1! Good riddance to 2013 and bring on 2014!

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sharock said...

i love this trip! mostly because i will be with you for part of it and was with you the last time you were in morocco and london. :)