Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nairobbery for a Day

Time Out - Nairobi
It’s a 40 minute flight from Kampala, Uganda to Nairobi, Kenya, but it took me 12 hours en route. I waited excitedly in baggage claim for Elaine to arrive for 4 hours. I entertained myself with work the entire time ... and got in trouble with the authorities … again. Oh flashbacks.
How to handle an inside waterfall flood in Kenya 
(Flood ~20 feet wide from pole to pole in the far back)
1. Discuss for 5 minutes.
2. Place caution sign 150 feet from flood.
3. Place two garbage cans randomly.
4. Bring one lady with small squeegee to scene.
I had to snap photos. And that’s when the authorities pulled me over. Oops.

Elaine and I pack in as much as we can for our Nairobi Day.

Touring Kibera, the “friendliest slum”
Trekking through after the rain in mud, trash and who knows what else
The slums is normally not on the "must see" list, but our first and only priority was to learn about Kibera, the largest slum in East Africa. My cousin’s college roommate runs a nonprofit, KDI. Wilson, a KDI representative and Kibera native graciously took us around and explained the 5 KDI projects  involving water access, community halls, playgrounds and sustainable gardens. About 800,000 people live here, although the government recognizes only 300,000. It was an eye-opening experience and humbling to get the inside perspective.

"Don’t be quiet!" Campaign against rape in Kibera.

Making the giraffe work hard at the Giraffe Center.  Hey, I trained animals, afterall.
(Thanks for the photos, Elaine!)

We also visited the Karen Blixen museum which was okay, took a spin to the Masai Market in central downtown, ate some delicious fried Tilapia and did not get robbed. Quite the successful day!

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