Sunday, August 09, 2009


At last - South America!
I've been planing on going since ... 2005? Shinae and I talked about going to Peru when we spent the summer in Guatemala in '05. It was the first place I wanted to go to on my year long trek around the world after graduation. And that didn't quite pan out so much - well the graduation happened fortunately, but one year got shortened to 2 months, and those two months went east to Europe and Asia. But rest assured, I am finally making it to S. America, though barely!

This summer has been quite crazy needless to say. The chill and wonderfully rejuvenating Baltic saunter seems oh-so-long ago, and I think I am barely making it to Peru alive. But the important thing is that I will make it AND for once I am writing not 20 minutes post-departure time, but a whole 5 days (gasp!) pre-departure time. Eh? Yup. Maybe it's because we are trying to do a little pre-planing since I'm actually traveling with friends who are living in the U.S, which makes things a little easier, and our schedules require some coordination.

So, who's going? Well, I'm not going solo for starters! In fact, we got a full crowd. Shinae, my college roommate, and I are going for two weeks, and I acutally get a flying buddy the whole time! This is a first. Sharlene, my friend I met in Denmark, and a fellow California/UC/Brooklynite is meeting us 6 days in as is Andrew, Shinae's husband. Shinae and I are flying into Lima and bussing our way around the country. Then we are all convening in Cuzco to do a homestay and go on the 4 day Inca trail trek to see Macchu Picchu. We are excited!

Now, I just need to get the energy and peace of mind :) Hopefully I will be alive post-Peru to resume my new job in the fall
(yes, another one...) and to post pictures of course. Let's also hope that I'll be efficient at posting before the madness of work takes over like last year and prevents posting til absurdly late. Please bug me about it! 'Til later...


sharock said...

can't wait to meet up. i fly tomorrow. yay!

Oberon said...

...there is no spoon...come visit globalove think tank.