Monday, August 31, 2009

Peru week #2: In and around Cusco

Sacred Valley

Hiking around the town of Amaru in the Sacred Valley

After meeting up with Sharlene and Andrew and spending a night in Cusco, we headed out to the small village in Amaru in the Sacred Valley for another homestay. We took a minivan and local bus to get to this town.

Me and Berta, our host family's daughter.

Like our other host family, Quechua is their main language, but Berta knew some Spanish and loved to talk to us. Oh, I am wearing glasses because about a week into travels I had a hint of an eye infection. And of course my stomach wasn't normal either. That's traveling for you. But, no worries... fiesta time!

Shinae, me and Sharlene leaping in style at the fiesta!
Fiesta #2 for Shinae and I.

Our host dad washing his feet to prepare to walk us to the religious ceremony occurring in town. We actually scaled down the mountain pretty quickly.

The local market in the center of Pisac.

There was some miscommunication. We didn't exactly know where Shinae and Andrew were. So our host dad announced over the loudspeaker "Andrew y Shinae" to this main square to try and locate them. Alas, they were not in town, but up in the ruins on the mountainside.

Sharlene at the Pisac ruins

So we went up to the ruins to look for them, but the ruins were pretty big and Andrew's clothing blended in with the mountains. We didn't find them but saw some pretty amazing sights.

We finally found Andrew and Shinae back in town and all headed back to Cusco together.

Sacsayhuaman Ruins
Impressive ruins with the largest rocks.
We stopped by here on the way back to Cusco.

Jesus overlooking the city.
He's pimped out up there.

Alpaca and me.
FYI: Alpaca = short and fluffy. Llama = tall and good walking partner. It took Shinae and I one week to figure this out.

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