Friday, June 05, 2009

A bit delayed, but here's the final post of the Scandinavia/Baltic trip, before I head off again.


It was nice to be back in the city even though it was rainy and cold. Since it was my third time in Stockholm, there was absolutely no agenda. We just chilled, showered, walked around, visited libraries and grabbed hot cocoa.

The city center, with a new addition:
A truck full of under-aged drinking and dancing high school seniors (on the right)! They have a grand tradition of celebrating graduation by riding around town. We saw at least a dozen of these party trucks. Hmm, maybe the Swedes aren't so reserved and proper after all. Always something new to discover.

On a more serious note, we visited the main library (above) and the royal library.

Carl Linnaeus

Celebrating the Father of modern taxonomy. He basically invented the way we name all of our speices! (Yes, I am a scientist afterall). Science aside, I did get to appreciate Stockholm in the summer for the first time. It has lots of small beautiful parks.

And that's the end of the Scandinavia/Baltic tour. Definitely what I'd hope for. Chill, relaxing, a bit of city, a bit of nature, some adventure, and off the beaten path, but also civilization and cute cafes. Most importantly, good times with Joy. I realized that we traveled in 6 countries together in the past year, and also visited each other in our two respective native California homes and current homes in NY and Sweden! How lucky are we? I'm definitely blessed to have such a wonderful friend!

Joy and me in front of a tea house down the street from our B&B in Villnius, Lithuania. Very fitting for us.

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