Tuesday, September 18, 2007


En route in style

I took a polar flight from New York to Tokyo (my third one). It literally goes up and over in a little less than 14 hrs. Then another 3.5 hrs to Beijing.
There goes my plane!

Now, one normally thinks this is awful, but lucky me I got into business/first class thanks to Dad giving me upgrade frequent flyer miles for my b-day! My first time ever. I mean, I'm happy if I get food on the plane. So, I felt like a little kid seeing Disneyland for the first time.
My first meal! Look - real silverware!

The flight attendants were getting a kick out of me (what do you mean have I decided? oh... you mean I get to choose my meal off of the menu?) and I was taking pictures left and right so the guy next to me definitely thought I was weird. You mean I didn't fit in with my north face backpack, ghetto sneakers and gear? As I was testing just how far back my seat went back on the 777 from Tokyo to Beijing, the stewardess on JAL actually said to me "You are lucky. This is first class." It was the first time I was disappointed to hear the flight was only 3.5 hours. Can't you circle around a few more times?

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caroline said...

What did you order for you meal? Looks yummy.

I didn't know you got to choose your meal. That's cool! I can just imagine you fooling around in first class! Woo hoo!