Monday, December 29, 2014

Colombia and SCUBA at Last!

Colombia .... the country, not the University. It is often a point of confusion when it comes to me. In fact, when I took my first job out of grad school at Columbia University, my friend thought I meant Colombia the country because that seemed more probable than staying in NYC.

Why Colombia? For the past 3 years it has always made the top 3 list of places to go but never made the cut. Now I have a friend, Sofia, in Bogota that I met in Tibet. She showed me awesome pics and stories of her home country AND that Colombia is a great place to learn SCUBA. Done and done! Scuba is a big hole in my travels that I've been meaning to fill. It wasn't hard to convince Sharlene of this plan. So we both studied hard for our PADI certification over break and are off from our respective sides of the states to convene in Colombia tomorrow

Pics and stories to come. And I broke my rule of posting my last trip before I take off on the next one. Sorry, Tibet and Nepal pics are not finished. Life is crazy and I seem to travel more often now. Not a bad thing.

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sharock said...

lol "wasn't hard to convince"