Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mind the Gap

One Day in LONDON

After Morocco and before Ireland I had one day in London. Originally this trip was suppose to be 2 weeks just chilling in London with Sharlene in her flat and taking leisurely day trips and a weekend to Copenhagen. I'm a little unclear on how it turned into a massive 4 country mad-trek and only 1 day in London in the end. Hmmm ... I think it's because I can't pass up a new travel opportunities, and apparently can never just be still!

I spent a weekend in London 10 years ago so I didn't have anything that I really needed to see. My goals were to do laundry and visit the Globe Theater and the Tate Modern.

In the tube at Angel station near Shar's flat.

As always, all foreign subways are significantly superior to NYC's, but London's tube did not have AC. One point for NYC.

Inside the Tate Modern watching dancers rehearse. How fitting for me.
It's a fantastic museum, and free!

St. Paul's Cathedral on the Thames River across the Millenium Bridge

When I thought about it, I never saw St. Paul's and don't recall walking this bridge 10 years ago, so I decided why not.

At last relaxing! In the Queen's park.

It was here that I was thinking, why did I not just chill in London more? But alas, after a few minutes, I was making my way to Hyde Park. It was a perfect 75 degree sunny day.

Buckingham Palace.
I don't think I saw this before either so when I was en route, I felt obligated to take a picture.

My day in London was perfectly chill. It was great to be in Sharlene's home and not a hostel or B&B. We had a relaxing evening as we were both pretty exhausted and got rejected from seeing Inception. Thanks for being an awesome host and travel buddy, Sharlene! I'm sorry that I did not stay longer. But we will reunite soon in Brooklyn!

The next day I was off to meet Shinae in Ireland for the last leg of the trip!

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sharock said...

thanks for visiting. shar loves offering laundry facilities, as she can't in bk.