Tuesday, November 21, 2006


It was only a matter of time before I returned to a place very dear to me - Scandinavia! Scandinavia represents a series of first for me. 6 years ago... First time living abroad (in Copenhagen), first time in Europe, first time seeing the sunset at 3 pm and my first thanksgiving away from home so I guess it is fitting that I am returning for Thanksgiving again. This time it's Stockholm. My good friend, Joy, is studying in Stockholm and so I jumped at the opportunity to return close to my "homeland." Scandinavia is not a place for tourism persay, but to live. And I want to see Joy and her life in Sweden. We bonded quickly when we both learned we had a love for Scandinavia, travel, food and tea. Then we went on to share a bizarre understanding of Tokyo and fondess for Thailand. Despite both of us being world travellers, we manage to keep in touch and of course, visit each other in our random places. So, that's the background. I leave tonight for a weekend in Europe. I haven't been back to Western Europe since bidding farewell to my Copenhagen flat in Dec 2000! 35 degrees F, gray, rainy and sun setting at 3.... and I'm sooooo excited!!!! Ahhh... fond memories of my good 'ol Scandinavian days!

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